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          HOURS OF OPERATION: MONDAY - FRIDAY: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

          Work Construction Company

          Phone Icon (985) 626-5929
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          Free Estimates

          New Orleans Residence Hammond Residential Home St. Pierre Hotel

          Your Dependable Construction Company

          With decades of experience in the industry, Work Construction Company will handle your construction needs efficiently and properly. By conducting our estimates on site, we ensure accurate and detailed quotes for our clients. And we always get three different price quotes from our subcontractors, ensuring the best possible value for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

          Brick Commercial Building

          Commercial Construction

          Ensure that your office or commercial space is properly built. Our qualified team has experience building office buildings, strip centers, clinics, doctor's offices, and more. We will handle both the shell of the building and the tenant buildouts as well. Take advantage of our vast experience today! View Gallery ›

          Historical Margaritaville Building

          Historical Properties

          Experience our proud history when you hire Work Construction Company. Rely on us to conduct complete lower level build-outs of existing buildings, or restore the foundations, decorative pillars, and the railings of the building. We also have experience with brick, wall, and general structural repair, as well as apartment and restaurant build-outs. Call today to learn more about restoring and maintaining these important structures.

          Residential Homes

          Residential Construction

          Live in the home of your dreams! Whether you are building a new home or looking for general repair or restoration work, we are the team to call. Contact the construction company with your interests at heart.